Category: Wishes

Wishes are to believe that because of good luck or supernatural powers, something you wish is made possible. At the end of letter, you say or write something, wishes, etc.,to indicate that you think everyone is good and fortunate. To want a condition that is distinct from the one that exists. Wishes to wish or express hope for the success or enjoyment or pleasure of another person on a given occasion. There are individuals who have no trouble picking up a pen and inserting a wet, intimate note when it comes to wishing cards. Then there are those of us who sometimes have difficulty going past “Wishing.” We have suggestions to help you compose a more positive letter on your card if you slip on the creativity continuum. Few days are more important to us than a loved one’s expressive occasion, so it’s only natural that on their special day, you would want to give them your best wishes. If you have selected a card or are sending flowers, penning a thoughtful and initial wishing note makes it extra special.